Frequently Asked Questions - Car Rental FAQ

Use this list to answer any questions you may have when renting a vehicle from Ace Rental Cars, we have taken the most asked questions and created a list of Frequently Asked Questions, if you still can't find the answer then use our Contact us page to get in touch.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update for Ace Rental Cars Customers

Ace Rental Cars is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and wish to assure you that we are monitoring and responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Australia and New Zealand, and around the world.

Given the fast-evolving COVID-19 situation in Australia and New Zealand, we want to update you on the additional steps we are taking to keep our vehicles clean so you can be confident about your decision to choose Ace Rental Cars.

Ace Rental Cars has access to the most up-to-date and authoritative information on responding to COVID-19 and minimising the risk of infection to our employees and customers.

We are committed to high standards of safety and cleanliness. In addition to practicing preventative measures to reduce the spread of germs within our facilities, all our vehicles go through a rigorous, multi-step cleaning process for each rental. We are remaining vigilant in upholding these practices and are taking additional precautions as recommended by the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organisation and the Australian and New Zealand Government to minimise the risk to our customers and employees.

We have detailed procedures in place to protect and care for our staff and to identify, isolate and clean any vehicle suspected of exposure to Covid-19.

These procedures apply worldwide, and you can be confident in the cleanliness and safety of a Ace Rental Cars vehicle wherever you rent it.

Similarly, we ask our customers to please heed and follow official advice on personal hygiene, measures to protect yourself, and what to do if you are concerned about exposure to the virus. Australian Government guidelines on these measures, and the latest updates on the virus, are available here

For Australia, please see here:

For New Zealand, please see here:

Ace Rental Cars remains confident in the cleanliness of our vehicles and believe they provide a safe travel option in the current circumstances. We will continue to monitor the developing status of COVID-19 and will take all additional steps necessary to protect our customers and our employees.

We appreciate your continuing support and are happy to respond to any concerns or questions you have. Our customer care team remains open to answer your questions and they can be contacted via email.

Existing Bookings

During this time, we recognize flexibility is more important than ever. Should your plans unexpectedly change, please email and we can work though adjusting your existing reservations.

Prepaid bookings via or

Customers who cancel their booking will be refunded their deposit and no cancellation fee will apply until 31 March 2022. Alternatively, they can re-book for different dates with no additional fee’s.


Are Ace Rental Cars offering any concessions or waiving any fees for customers whose travel plans have changed due to concerns over the coronavirus?

During this time, we recognize that travellers may prefer renting a car because of the high degree of convenience and flexibility it offers.

What happens if you need to close a building or rental location?

We have robust business contingency plans in place to protect our business, customers and colleagues in the event of a location closure, including working from home or redistributing work to other locations. We will contact customers with information if any of these possibilities affect their rental.

Are you cleaning your cars any differently? Have any of our operational protocols changed?

We have a high standard for cleanliness and safety and are committed to upholding those standards with our rigorous, multi-step vehicle-cleaning process. Enhanced cleaning protocols have been put in place as a result of COVID-19. These protocols apply to our cars, customer areas and buses, and are based on current local health and government guidelines.

Additionally, we are advising our employees to take simple hygiene steps to help prevent the spread of the virus, including regular hand washing and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which we are providing at our locations

We are also recommending that employees avoid handshakes or making any other welcoming gestures that require personal touch, and like always, they should not come to work if they feel unwell. They should stay at home and contact their local health provider. This is also the advice if they have recently been to a high-risk area or have been in contact with someone who has.

Can I have Roof Racks with my rental?

We can supply Ski Racks on selected vehicles. 

The following vehicles support Ski Racks ($25 per rental):

  • Value SUV
  • SUV
  • Value Minivan
  • Minvan

Unfortunately, the vehicles below do not support Ski Racks:

  • Super Saver
  • Value Economy
  • Economy
  • Value Compact
  • Value Standard
  • Standard
  • Compact

How do I use Premium Roadside Assistance once I have purchased this cover?

This process will be explained in detail at collection. When calling the AA Roadside Assistance, please quote that you have the Ace PLUS cover. They will require to see this cover option selected on your signed contract when they come to assist you

What are the Ace Terms and Conditions for Renting a vehicle?

What does Premium Roadside Assistance Cover?

Premium Roadside Assistance will cover any roadside assistance call out that you may have to make that is not already included in our complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance. This includes any driver related errors such as; Lost Keys, Flat Tyres, or leaving the Vehicle lights on (resulting in flat battery) that may occur during your trip. This cover is designed to give you the worry-free experience that you deserve.

All Ace New Zealand car rentals include

  • Unlimited KMs
  • 24/7 mechanical assistance
  • FREE booking amendments
  • Quick & easy online booking
  • Shuttle pick-up and drop off service from airport locations
  • Locations Across New Zealand & Australia
  • Open 7 Days

Why are Ace’s rental cars so cheap?

  • We operate a simple fleet of 2+ year old vehicles
  • Our branches are outside of airport terminals with a customer shuttle service
  • We do everything we can to keep our costs down

We save money & we pass on the savings to you! Book now & save.

Lost & Found Property

If you’ve left a personal item behind, immediately phone the Ace location where you dropped off your rental car. The phone number for the location is listed on your Rental Agreement. Please report any lost items at your earliest convenience and we will do our best to find and return them.

What kind of rental cars can I hire from Ace in NZ?

  • Super Saver – a mix of makes and models. These cars are 10+ years old and/or 180K to 220 KMs. They’re well maintained and if you are on a tight budget and looking for a cheap rental car they are the perfect choice
  • Value Categories – our great value options: hatchbacks, sedans, station wagons, SUVs
  • Standard Categories – our newest fleet with features such as Bluetooth, Cruise Control, etc.

I need a rental car in New Zealand. How do I get the best price on my car rental?

  • Try to travel and book during non-peak periods
  • Book in advance

Relocation deals

Relocations deals are offered when a company requires vehicles to be returned to their original location. Often these come with reduced costs.

Car Rental Deals

Look at our deals page for current promo codes and special offers on rental cars

Where can I rent a car with Ace in New Zealand and Australia?

How are daily rates calculated?

Our daily rates are calculated in 24 hour periods from your pick up time (we allow a 59 minute grace period).  If the vehicle is returned more than 1 hour after your pick up time then an additional days hire will be charged

What is the cancellation policy?

To cancel an upcoming booking, please contact

  • Ace by email (,
  • online chat (at
  • or by telephone during business hours NZT (+64 9 303 3112 or toll free from New Zealand at 0800 502 277).

Please note that in the event of a cancellation there is a cancellation fee of $75

Is insurance required?

Please be advised that an insurance option will need to be selected through Ace. In the unlikely event of an accident the applicable excess for the insurance option you have selected will need to be paid directly to Ace. This amount can then be claimed through any insurance you have obtained separately.

Is a bond required?

A bond of NZD$200 is required for our Minimum Cover, Ace Basic, and Ace Plus options. We will authorise the excess amount onto the credit/debit card provided for security.

This bond will be released upon the return of the undamaged vehicle. it can take up to 30 days for the funds to be released this is depended on your banking provider

What does Excess and Bond Mean


The Excess is the amount that will be charged to your credit card in the event of any damage to the vehicle while on hire. If the cost of the damage is lower than the excess, the difference will be refunded to you once the claim has been processed.


The Bond is the amount that will be held on your credit card for the duration of your rental, it can take up to 30 days for the funds to be released this is depended on your banking provider

Do Ace Rental Cars offer one-way rentals?

One way hires are permitted. Minimum hire periods and one way fee’s may apply. Call us to find out what directions are available


Can I check rates without making a reservation?

Yes, The lowest rates for your dates and locations can be viewed by entering your details in the ‘quote and book now’ section of the website and selecting the vehicle that you require. All available vehicles will have a ‘continue’ option.

Can I take my vehicle on the ferry?

A booking can be made starting on one Island and ending on another, however our vehicles are not permitted to cross between the Islands.  

When making your booking on our website, you will have two bookings with two booking numbers one for the north island and one for the south island, you will also have two booking confirmation emails from Ace. 

North to South 

When selecting a Pickup location on the north island you will be dropping your vehicle off at our Wellington City branch from there you will pop onto the Ferry and head over to Picton were you will collect your next vehicle

South to North

When selecting a Pickup location on the South Island you will be dropping your vehicle off at our Picton Branch from there you will pop onto the Ferry and head over to Wellington were you will collect your next vehicle 

Please note: a fee will apply if the vehicle is not returned to the same island the rental started on.

Ace rental Cars will charge for the actual cost of relocating the vehicle, this cost is up to a maximum of NZD$1,000.00 + GST. 

Am I entitled to a refund if I return my Ace Rental Cars vehicle early?

You may return the vehicle early The daily rate will be re-calculated to the amended shorter rental period and will charge the applicable rental rate day bracket.

Please note as there may be a 'Early Return Fee' as we reserve the right to make this charge to compensate us in part for our inability to rent your vehicle during the remaining time reserved for your use.


What is the Mystery Vehicle?

Our mystery cars can be any one of our vehicles and may vary in availability and features such as passenger seating, luggage capacity, equipment and mileage, it will be a 5+-Year-old vehicle, Hatchback, Sedan or similar with a minimum of 5 seats. 

Curious? Choose the ‘Mystery Vehicle’ next time you need to hire a car.

What happens if I receive a fine during my hire?

All drivers are responsible for fines received. When fines are received, a Statutory Declaration is prepared & sent back to the relevant authority nominating you as the driver of the vehicle. An administration fee of NZ$40.00 is charged for this process and will be debited from your credit card at the time of processing.  This administration fee in no part covers the cost of the fine you have received. The issuing authority will redirect the fine to you, at which stage you can proceed with paying the authority direct.

How will I know my reservation is confirmed?

At the end of the reservation process a booking number will show on the screen and you will receive a Vehicle Booking Confirmation via email. This email will also contain the details of your reservation and collection procedure for your nominated collection point.

Where am I not permitted to drive.

Vehicles are not permitted to be driven on any beaches or through Skippers Canyon.

What methods of payment do Ace Rental Cars accept?

Ace Rental Cars New Zealand accepts cash, Debit cards and all major Credit Cards including Visa, MasterCard and Amex for the payment of the rental.

Why do the “daily rates” vary and will they change when I book?

Daily rates change due to seasons, holiday periods or availability due to supply and demand. Once you have made your booking in advance, your rate will not change.

What should I do if my dispute has not been resolved 

if you have experienced an issue with Ace Rental Cars that you feel has not been resolved, please contact our Customer Care team at who will resolve any issues for you.

Should you continue to feel that your issues have not been resolved with our Customer Care team, you are able to request a contact for the RVA (Rental Vehicle Association) from our Customer Care team  

If I lock my keys in the vehicle am I covered by Roadside Assistance?

Yes, we provide complimentary 24-hour AA Roadside assistance for non-driver related call-outs.  A toll-free telephone number is provided with your contract upon pick up. Please note that a call-out for driver-related errors ie. keys locked in car or out of fuel, will incur a service fee and any additional costs relating to driver error. Please note if Premium Roadside assistance is purchased, all call-outs are covered.

Do I need to have an International Drivers License?

Drivers visiting from overseas can drive on their overseas license for one year from entering New Zealand providing that it is a valid, full license in English. If the license is not in English, they must have an official translation or an International Driving Permit. 

An official translation can be obtained from the authority that issued their overseas license. The client’s original, valid license must also be carried along with either the translation or the International Driving Permit at all times. 

NOTE: Digital Driver Licenses will not be accepted.


Drivers License Authorised Translations

It is a legal requirement in New Zealand to have a full, valid license in English if you wish to hire a rental vehicle.

If your license is not in English, you will need to bring your original license along with an International Driving Permit or Authorised Translation to our branch when you are collecting the vehicle.

If you do require an Authorised Translation, you are able to visit and purchase an Authorised Translation document.

Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle when collecting the vehicle?

Yes, and if you found a new apparent defect (not listed on the vehicle condition report at the time of collection) you have to inform an Ace Rental Cars employee of this discrepancy.

Can I extend the rental duration?

Extending the rental duration is possible at time of pick up or by contacting the branch during the rental period itself.  The extension is subject to vehicle availability and extra payment.

It is often difficult to extend rentals during peak periods. Please ensure you are aware of this to avoid disappointment.

What is Rent the Experience?

Renting a car should be simple. Because a car is just a vehicle that takes you from A to B. It shouldn’t be complicated or costly. 

People shouldn’t be burdened by hidden costs or rigorous rules. That’s what makes us different. 

We operate a simple fleet of vehicles and we offer easy to understand extras. 

Our branches are located only minutes from airport terminals and offer a shuttle bus to get customers to their cars. 

We do what we can to keep Ace affordable. And the savings we make we return directly into the hands of our customers.

Can anyone other than myself drive the car?

Additional drivers can be added to the reservation at time of pick up.  All drivers’ details must appear on the Rental Agreement.

Additional drivers are at a cost of NZ$5 per day, capped at 5 days. There is no charge if the Ace PLUS option is selected.

What happens if I return the vehicle late?

Unauthorised late returns will be charged at $25 per hour up to four hours. Thereafter they will be charged at $100 per day.

Can I tow using an Ace Rental Cars Vehicle?

No, an Ace Rental Cars Vehicle cannot be used to tow or push anything, this forms part of the rental terms and conditions.

How many free kilometers per day?

The rates quoted include UNLIMITED kilometers.

What age do I have to be to rent a vehicle?

All drivers must be 18 years or older and hold a valid, full driver’s license. Provisional, Restricted or learners licenses, unfortunately, cannot be accepted.

Note: We do not have any young renters fees when renting.

Do I need to re-fuel my Ace Rental Cars Hire Vehicle?

Yes. All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the commencement of the hire period and should be returned with a full tank. Should the vehicle be returned not full of fuel, the cost of the fuel and a re-fuelling fee of NZ$50.00 will be charged to your contract.

Is windscreen damage included in my base rental rate?

Ace PLUS includes windscreen and tyre cover.

Toll Pass - How do I pay for Tolls

The toll product costs only $6 per rental per 30-day rental period and covers all tolls on the north island and has unlimited use of all the north island toll roads.

for more information download our pdf Ace Toll Pass Doc



How does Ace Rental Cars protect my personal and credit card information online?

To protect you and offer you the greatest level of security for your transactions, Ace does not process nor store your credit card details. Instead, we use a third-party payment service called Payment Express, a company specialising in processing online transactions. Payment Express are fully PCI DSS compliant and are certified with all of the major credit cards.

Credit Card and Visa Debit Surcharges

There is a credit card charge of 1.99% excl GST for all transactions that use a credit card and a debit card

Visa debit cards are charged a 1.99% excl GST fee this is due to banking providers charging the same fee for both credit and debit cards types

Note: All prices quoted exclude the Credit Card and Visa Debit card surcharges 

What Accessories can I add to my Rental? 

When booking your rental car we have a few awesome accessories you can add to your car hire, items that will make life a little easier, safer and the journey around our beautiful country a lot more enjoyable and stress-free.

Do you hire GPS Units? 

Take some of the stress out of driving, enjoy the journey and add a GPS to your car hire, and never get lost again.

A portable GPS unit with voice and visual turn-by-turn directions saves you time and stress. It is very user-friendly and it comes in multiple languages.

Book a set today and we’ll have them fitted and ready for you.

NZD$10 per day, capped at 5 days

Do you hire Child Seats? 

Child restraints must be the right size for a child, properly adjusted and fastened, and correctly fitted to the vehicle.

  • Aged 0 to 6 months are restrained in a rear-facing child restraint. In some cases a capsule may be required. Not all locations across Australia and New Zealand supply this type of seat so please call ACE to confirm.
  • Aged 6 months to under 4 years are restrained in either a rear or forward-facing child restraint with in-built harness.
  • Aged 4 years to under 7 years seated in either a forward-facing child seat or booster seat restrained by a fastened seat belt or child safety harness.
  • Aged 7 years to 16 years are either in a suitable child seat or a seatbelt.

This is only a recommendation, each child is different. Always follow the manufacturer instructions / local government advice and the requirements which suit your child.

Australian & New Zealand law requires children to be correctly restrained when in a motor vehicle. Each state or territory has different requirements are we advise customers check the relevant government information as penalties apply if children are not correctly restrained.

New Zealand Further Information: Click Here

NZD$10.00 per day which is capped at 5 days

Do you hire Ski, Snowboard Roof Racks

Add roof racks to your car hire then load your own skies and snowboards on the roof rack and save money by not hiring them out at the ski fields

Keep your gear secure while travelling. Ski and Snowboard racks are available for most vehicles, book a set today and we’ll have them fitted for you.

Book a set today and we’ll have them fitted and ready for you.

NZD$25 per booking

Do you Hire Snow Chains 

A few of our roads can be a bit of a challenge! Snow chains are available for all our vehicles and we can show you how to fit them securely

Book a set today and we’ll have them fitted and ready for you.

NZD$40 per booking

How long does it take to remove a Pre-authorisation

Most of the time, banks will void a pre-authorisation transaction the same day of the pre-authorisation transaction. Unfortunately, in a few instances, some banks can take up to thirty (30) days to finalise this process.

Regrettably, Ace Rental Cars does not have any control over this and it is up to the card holders bank to finalise this process and Ace Rental Cars is unable to assist in this other than to notify the bank.

Can I use a Diners card to pay for my rental?

Unfortunately Diners has withdrawn their acquiring services with our payment provider so we are unable to accept Diners cards after 31 March 2020.

We do still accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex 

I need my rental or toll invoice:

You can log into the My Journey Portal to get access to your rental and toll invoice. You will need your rental agreement number and Date of Birth to log in.

My Journey Portal Link:

Rental Agreement Charges 

For a further explanation on the Rental Agreement charges, please see Annexure 1 in the terms and conditions for an` explanation of these fees or they can be discussed with the Ace staff member at time of pick-up or checked online before travelling at

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