Frequently Asked Questions - Car Rental FAQ

Booking Information

It’s easy to make a booking on our home page.

Type in the location you wish to collect your vehicle from and the dates and times for collection and return. You will also need to specify your age and add in any relevant promotional codes.

Select ‘search cars’ to see what vehicles are available at your preferred location.

Once you have selected your preferred vehicle, you will then have the option to add on ‘extras’ such as, renter liability waiver, child seats and GPS units. To complete your booking, you will need to provide us with some personal details including your full name and email address.

Once you have completed your online booking, we’ll send you a confirmation email to the email address provided.

This confirmation email will include your booking number, details of your pickup and return location, the estimated price of your booking, and other important information. 24 hours prior to pick up, you will also receive a text message reconfirming all your booking details.

Yes. If you need to make changes to your booking, please call our friendly reservations team on 0800 502 277

If you have booked directly through Ace Rental Cars (either via our website or reservations Centre), will be eligible for a full refund as long as Ace Rental Cars is notified 24hours prior to the collection date. To organise a refund or to cancel a reservation please email or contact us on 0800 502 277

If you have booked through an online agency or travel agency, then you will be bounded by their terms and conditions and will need to contact them directly for more information on their cancellation policy.

If you’re picking up your vehicle from one of our airport locations, we ask that you let us know your flight number when making your booking so we can ensure that your vehicle is ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

If you don’t provide your flight number, you may experience a delay when collecting your vehicle.

Most of our vehicles are subject to availability. This means that we can't guarantee the make or model of the vehicle, as we often have varying models within the same category.

Rental Information

The minimum age to rent a vehicle with Ace Rental Cars in New Zealand is 18

Ace Rental Cars has a policy for first time local renters living within 100km of the Ace location. For first time renters a higher bond authorisation and additional identification documentation will be required. Please visit our ACE Terms & Conditions of Rental.

Note: Digital licenses are not accepted for first time renters

You and any additional drivers listed on the Rental Agreement are bound by Ace Rental Cars standard Terms & Conditions as agreed to when signing your Rental Agreement upon collection.

The minimum rental period is 24 hours.

Yes, however a one-way fee may apply. This will be applied at the time of making your reservation.

Unfortunately, vehicles can not be collected at one island and returned to another.

Should you wish to collect at one island and return to another you will have two bookings with two booking numbers one for the North island and one for the South Island.

North to South

When selecting a Pickup location on the north island you will be dropping your vehicle off at our Wellington City branch from there you will pop onto the Ferry and head over to Picton were you will collect your next vehicle

South to North

When selecting a Pickup location on the South Island you will be dropping your vehicle off at our Picton Branch from there you will pop onto the Ferry and head over to Wellington were you will collect your next vehicle

For customers who are wanting to travel between the islands but still return to the original island of pick up Ace allows you to take the vehicle on the ferry.

Please note: a fee will apply if the vehicle is not returned to the same island the rental started on.

Ace rental Cars will charge for the actual cost of relocating the vehicle, this cost is up to a maximum of NZD$1,000.00 + GST.

Our reservations team can assist you with your booking by calling 0800 502 277

Yes, however only drivers listed on the Rental Agreement are permitted to drive an Ace rental vehicle. An additional driver fee may apply which will be confirmed at time of reservation.

Yes. If you need to extend your rental duration, please contact reservations on 0800 502 277 or via email us at

Any request for extension is subject to vehicle availability and successful advance payment to cover the extension period.

All of our vehicles have unlimited kilometers

There are some areas within Australia that you cannot take an Ace rental vehicle to, please refer to our ACE Terms & Conditions of Rental for a full list of locations/places that are prohibited.

Pickup and return processes

When collecting your Ace rental vehicle, please bring the following with you:

- Booking confirmation number
- Valid driver's license (not a learner’s permit) written in English. Please note that international license customers will need either a translation or international permit.
- Credit or debit card

- Apple/android pay is not accepted.

- Digital credit cards including Apple/Android pay are not accepted.

For more information, please refer to our ACE Terms & Conditions of Rental.

Some Ace rental locations allow after hours return, please ensure you confirm this with the location directly first.

Unfortunately we do not offer an after hours collection service, if you cannot make it to the location during trading hours please contact the location directly to organize collection the following day.

Unfortunately, our Ace rental locations do not operate outside our listed trading hours and don’t allow for after-hours collection. If you do not make it to the location before closing time you will need to arrange for collection of your vehicle the following day.

For any lost property enquiries, please contact Customer Relations on 0800 502 277

Optional Extras

Yes, subject to availability at time of booking, Ace Rental Cars can provide you with baby and child safety seats at an additional cost.

Please be advised that under New Zealand law, all children under seven (7) years of age must use an approved child restraint appropriate for their age and size.

Customers are required to fit the child seat inside the vehicle themselves.

At some locations, you can pre-purchase a full tank of fuel and return the vehicle low on fuel for a hassle free, fast return. There are no refunds for unused fuel.

If you do not pre-purchase fuel and you choose to return the fuel tank only partially full, we will top it up and the cost of the fuel and our refueling service charge will be added to your rental. Please be advised that fuel charges may vary by location.

Add roof racks to your car hire then load your own skies and snowboards on the roof rack and save money by not hiring them out at the ski fields

Keep your gear secure while travelling. Ski and Snowboard racks are available for most vehicles, book a set today and we’ll have them fitted for you.

Book a set today and we’ll have them fitted and ready for you.

A few of our roads can be a bit of a challenge! Snow chains are available for all our vehicles and we can show you how to fit them securely

Book a set today and we’ll have them fitted and ready for you.

Damage and Liability Waiver

Ace Rental Cars takes photos of each vehicle regularly to ensure the correct condition is reported in our system. The photos taken prior to collection will be available to you. However, all customers should check the condition of the vehicle and match this to the rental agreement when collecting their vehicle. If there is any discrepancy, we recommend that customers advise an Ace Rental Cars employee prior to leaving the location.

Visit the My Journey Portal to upload any photos or to see the previous photos along with your rental agreement and any invoices.

All Ace Rental Cars bookings include Ace Minimum . Ace Minimum reduces your liability to us for loss of or damage to the vehicle to the liability amount stated on your Rental Agreement.

Ace Minimum will not protect you if the vehicle was used for a Prohibited Use. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions here.

If you want to know more about our additional damage liability waiver options please visit our ACE Terms & Conditions of Rental.

Ace Rental Cars offers customers two additional liability waiver options; Ace Basic and Ace Plus package so you can travel with greater peace of mind. For details and exclusions, you can also refer to our ACE Terms & Conditions of Rental.

If you have an accident or if the vehicle is stolen you agree to co-operate with us in any investigation or subsequent legal proceedings. You must also take the following steps:

•Notification: you must inform Ace Rental Cars in the event of any accident irrespective of whether it results in the vehicle being damaged or lost, or in the event of theft. You must report the accident to Ace Rental Cars as soon as practicable and in any event within 24 hours. In the event that you fail to notify Ace Rental Cars within 24 hours and Ace Rental Cars incurs additional costs as a result of the failure to inform then you may be charged for any additional costs reasonably incurred by Ace Rental Cars. Report the accident to the police as soon as you can if anyone has been injured or any property has been damaged.

• Vehicle Incident Report: complete the Vehicle Incident Report (VIR) providing the details of your accident or the theft including any third party information even if there is no damage to the vehicle. The VIR must be completed and signed by you and provided to a member of staff when you return the vehicle. Alternatively the VIR can be found here

• Do Not Admit Fault: if you have an accident involving another vehicle, you must obtain the other driver’s name, address, telephone number, insurance company details, drivers license number, vehicle registration, vehicle make/ model and a copy of the police report if one has been created.

Call Roadside Assistance on 0800 502 277

We provide access to Roadside Assistance for all Ace Rental Cars customers. If your breakdown is caused by vehicle malfunction, Ace Rental Cars will cover the costs, even if the car needs to be towed.

For call outs where the customer is at fault, for example, the vehicle running out of fuel, or the keys being locked in the vehicle, a call out fee will apply.

Charges and Payments

Payment for your rental is required upon collection of your vehicle. Ace Rental Cars preferred method is credit or debit card. Credit or debit cards are accepted nationally. Prepaid credit cards are not accepted.

We typically reserve an amount on your credit card (or take a deposit) at least equal to the estimated charges plus a security bond (amount is shown on your Rental Agreement). This reserved amount may be released (or deposit refunded) on return of the vehicle following payment of the rental charges.

Please be advised we do not accept cash deposits or bonds.

Ace Rental Cars will pre-authorize the bond for the rental hire and take the charge for your total estimated rental cost. Pre-authorizations are a temporary block of funds against your credit/debit card until the hire is completed.

Drivers are responsible for all infringements received relating to their hire period. These are not always available at the time of return and therefore passed onto the customer once received including an admin processing fee charge.

If you receive a copy of the fine during your hire period it is your responsibility to pay the fine as per the instructions. Fines increase and incur further fees if not paid on time.

Your rental charges are calculated in 24 hour periods from the time shown on the Rental Agreement. If you return the vehicle late you enter into a new 24 hour period and will be charged for that and every successive 24 hour period you enter at a current, standard rate.

To help you, we typically allow a short ‘grace period’ to return the vehicle without being charged an extra day.

Daily rates change due to seasons, holiday periods, availability and supply/demand. Once you have made your booking and received your confirmation your rate will not change.

You can access your tax invoice via Ace Rental Cars ‘My Journey Portal’. Please click here.

On the occasion you have booked through a travel agency or partner, you will need to speak directly with them for an invoice with the payments made direct to them. Ace Rental Cars can only provide a tax invoice for charges taken by Ace Rental Cars.

We will apply this charge if a diesel vehicle is rented and will show on the rental agreement as a per km charge based on the kms driven whilst on rent. The fee is set by NZTA and covers the cost of upkeep for NZ roads.

Tolling Payments

If you will be traveling on toll roads during your rental, you may want to add Ace Rental Cars Toll Cover to your booking.

Ace Rental Cars Toll Cover includes all toll charges under one flat daily fee. This allows unlimited toll usage during your rental.

Due to varying toll prices in different States, Ace Rental Cars Toll Cover pricing will be calculated based on the State where you collect your car.

If you do not purchase Ace Rental Cars Toll Cover and you drive on toll roads during your rental, you will be on-charged for the tolls used and you will also incur an administration fee.

You can access your Toll invoices via Ace Rental Cars ‘My Journey Portal’. Please click here.


If you have any problems with your rental experience, you can contact our Customer Service team on 0800 502 277or via email at


TOLL-FREE Phone Numbers

From New Zealand: 0800 502 277

From Australia: 1800 620 408

Roadside Assistance: 0800 633 611

Claims: 0800 22 22 54

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