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Ace Safe Cover

All of our cars have full, standard insurance cover included in the daily rate as per the terms outlined in your Rental Agreement. The amount of the driver’s liability on the vehicle is $2,000.00 NZD ($2500 for 2017 Model Vehicles) for drivers aged 18 years and over.

Ace Safe Cover Options

Reduce or eliminate the amount of the renter’s liability by purchasing one of our Ace Safe Cover options.

Excess Reduction

Reduce your excess and security bond to $500. This option still requires a hold of $500 to be placed on your credit card.

Ace Plus

For peace of mind we recommend ACE PLUS. This option reduces your excess and security bond to $0.

This option includes zero liability for:

  • Tyre & Glass Damage
  • Theft
  • Single & Multi-Vehicle Accidents
  • Third-Party Damage

Pre-authorisation Requirements

Credit Card – A pre authorisation will be taken on the hirer’s credit card which will ‘freeze’ an amount against the customer’s available credit. The amount of the pre-authorisation will be equal to the amount of the liability carried on the vehicle, in-line with the selected Ace Safe Cover option. This authorisation will be released by the customers issuing bank in accordance with their own terms & conditions, on conclusion of the rental period. Please note we are unable to accept a debit card for a pre authorisation. 

NOTE: Cash or EFTPOS/Debit payments will NOT be accepted as security against the hire of a vehicle.