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Ace Shuttle Collection App

Booking your shuttle collection at the airport is now easier than ever with Ace Shuttle Collection App! 

Once you’ve collected your luggage at the airport, you can book your pickup via the app using your mobile device. You’ll then get directions to the closest collection points and be able to track your collection and journey.

Collecting your Rental Car

Please make sure you have the below ready when collecting your rental car

  • All Drivers need their full driver's licence and this will need to be viewed by an Ace representative
    • Non-English licenses will require a translation document/international driving permit
    • Provisional, Restricted or learners licenses, unfortunately, cannot be accepted
  • New Zealand Temporary licenses will only be accepted with a valid photo ID.
  • Payment of the rental car
    • Credit cardholder must be present - Cards must have the cardholders name printed on it for verification
  • You must be 18 years or older to hire a car.

Does your booking have a Bond?

The Bond is the amount that will be held on your credit card for the duration of your rental, it can take up to 30 days for the funds to be released this is depended on your banking provider

Ace Plus and Ace Standard does not have any bond requirements, chat to our team at the counter to find out more.

NOTE: Cash or EFTPOS/Debit Cards will NOT be accepted for the Excess and or Security Bond against the hire of a vehicle.

Drivers License Translation


All drivers are required in New Zealand to have a full, valid license in English and be over 18 years old if you wish to hire a rental vehicle with Ace Rental Cars. Provisional, Restricted or Learners licenses, unfortunately, will not be accepted.


You are able to drive with your overseas license for one year from entering New Zealand providing that it is a valid, full license in English.

If the license is not in English an official translation or an International license must be supplied with your overseas license. Your original, valid license must also be carried along with the translation or the International Driving Permit at all times.  

For further information on using your overseas license in New Zealand you can visit

If you do require an Authorised Translation, you are able to visit and purchase an Authorised Translation document.

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