Town Painting Car Rental Experience

Shopping in town - Lunching in the ‘burbs - Sunset at the lookout

Grab a mate, chuck on your sneakers, and set out to explore the amazing town on your doorstep. There’s a world of fun to be had right under your nose. As Kiwis, we often look for our good times in windswept, unpopulated places but there’s something to be said for a dose of hustle and bustle every now and again. It’s good for the mind, not just the soul.

And let’s be honest, nothing beats a spot of people watching with a flat white in hand. In the coffee capital of the world (a big claim for a little country, but scientifically proven to be true).


Take a night flight

Why stop when the sun goes down? Hit the road and head to a suburb you’ve never been to before. Discover a hidden gem of a restaurant (then keep the secret to make sure you get a table next time). Finish an action-packed day with dessert on the go - an ice cream is the perfect hand-held treat. Savour every mouthful, you’ve earned it.

Rental Car Road Trips and Adventures

A traveller’s guide to New Zealand cities

Though New Zealand’s cities are relatively small, they are packed with awesome things to do. Here a few of them. Find out more

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