Snow Shredding Car Rental Experience

Time to carve up those slopes


It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Right? Well when it comes to mountain adventures in New Zealand, it’s a little bit of both. The thrill of the roadie is almost as much fun as playing in the snow. With 25 ski fields to choose from, there are hundreds of truly awe-inspiring roads that lead to the white stuff. 

The breathtaking scenery, the quaint café stops, the mountain on the horizon. The “will it be closed or won’t it?” conversations. It’s all part of the adventure. And it starts the second you get in the car. 

So assemble your snow squad, check the forecast and get amongst it.

Perfect Car Rental Pit Stops

A little research goes a long way. You need to arrive fresh and ready for action. So hop online before the big trip and suss out the best places to refuel (you, not the car). You never know, you might just bite into the pie of your dreams. Or sip on a $3 brew that redefines how you think about coffee. Of course, make sure you leave room for a bit of spontaneity. As Sir Ed said, it’s always nice to be the first to discover something.

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