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It’s time to hit the ‘eject’ button

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Fast.

Thankfully, New Zealand is one of the most remote places on earth, and isolated spots with no cell-phone reception grow on trees. So grab your backpack, throw in some mozzie repellent, sunscreen and a towel, and leave the rest to chance.

The plan is, there is no plan. Close your eyes and stick a pin in the map. If push comes to shove you can sleep in the car and eat freshly caught Kina.

It’s time to hit the ‘eject’ button

Kia Carnival

2013 Guaranteed Make/Model

Our People Movers offer great value, comfortably transporting up to 8 people with superior driving performance.
  • x8 Passengers x8 Passengers
  • Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Automatic
  • 4 Large, 2 Small 4 Large, 2 Small
Kia Carnival

Switch off, tune out

Step. Away. From the phone.

The whole point of going bush is to escape, so choose somewhere your mobile won’t work. You won’t believe how liberating it is to know you’re uncontactable.

Walk the tracks, drink in the views and make the time to appreciate it all. Life moves too fast so unplug and wind down.

It’s time to swap your chirping alerts for some good old-fashioned bird song. And breathe.

Switch off, tune out
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