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What is the best Campervan in NZ?

Introducing the Sleeper Saver! Our low cost, spacious, comfortable, simple, clean, and beautiful sleepervan — the secret to a great night’s sleep for the budget traveller, backpacker and camping enthusiast.

The Sleeper Saver provides the complete experience in the great outdoors while travelling around New Zealand. Most campervans force their hosts to squeeze into a hot van half the day. Luckily Ace’s sleepervan has been engineered to prevent you from staying indoors. But ‘how?’ you ask…

PLUS pick-up a Sleeper Saver in January and we’ll give you a FREE Kiwi Card as a bonus (RRP $35)! The Kiwi Card saves you heaps at attractions, activities, restaurants & more across New Zealand, including 10% off at Kiwi Holiday Parks! Learn more.


Who needs the hassles of an onboard kitchen that minimises living space; maximise your freedom by bringing your own gear and keeping it out of the way with ample storage space.

  • Brand new fitout for 2017 season
  • Seats 2 passengers
  • Tidy, simple & spacious – your personal cabin on wheels
  • Interior lighting
  • 360 quality curtains & fabrics throughout
  • Comfy squab/berth area w/ large bed converts to seating area for day lounging
  • Ample storage – great for storing large backpacks or bags
  • Air conditioning
  • Manual or automatic transmission*
  • 3-litre engine
  • Easy to drive
  • ABS, front driver & passenger airbags

Bring Your Own

  • Camping stove, gas & matches (also keep in mind that NZ holiday parks also feature fully equipped kitchens with stoves, microwaves, toasters, etc.)
  • Camping pot(s)
  • Plates/bowls, drinking glasses & utensils
  • Sleeping bag/bedroll per person

Our Sleeper Saver provides top quality campervan solution at an affordable price.

Please note that the Sleeper Saver does not support child restraints and as such is unsuitable for people travelling with a child under 7 years of age.

Don’t complicate things, choose the Ace Sleeper Saver today!

Engineered to maximize time, comfort and simplicity


Ace Rental Car NZ Sleeper Saver Front View                           Ace Rental Car NZ Sleeper Saver Side View

4 Large Suitcases, 4 Small Suitcases 

Ideal For 3 Passengers

5 Doors, Manual & Auto Transmission, 3 litre Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, ABS, Air conditioning

Front Driver Airbags, Front Passenger Airbags

Relax mode and Sleep mode

Relax Mode

Ace Rental Car NZ Sleeper Saver Relaxed View

Sleep Mode

Ace Rental Car NZ Sleeper Saver Sleep View

Road trips are amazing until they come to an end so why not make more time for adventures and memorable experiences by hiring a Sleeper Saver Camper Van today.

* Transmission: please state preference when booking, we’ll do what we can to accommodate but unfortunately we cannot guarantee your preferred choice.