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Ace Your Road Trip: Our Best Tips and Hacks

Preparing for a road trip? Doing your research and planning ahead can save time and allow more room for adventure on your journey. From researching rest stops to booking activities in advance, discover our tips and tricks for a smooth journey and an unforgettable holiday.

  • Plan ahead
  • Make the most of your rental car
  • Pack smart
  • Stay connected

Plan Ahead

While travelling with spontaneity and letting the open road determine your course can be freeing and exhilarating, it’s worth having a rough plan, itinerary or outline of your trip before take off. This will save time down the road, letting you focus more on your holiday and less on logistics while on your travels. When planning ahead, consider things like researching rest stop locations, booking accommodation and activities in advance and looking up your route on a map or GPS to determine the best way to get there. Add a GPS to your rental car booking to save phone battery and avoid getting lost, especially if travelling through areas that may have weak reception. If you’re planning to tackle tramping trails, go swimming or get involved in some adventure activities on your holiday, pack all the gear you need to avoid having to buy things like hiking boots and swimwear on your trip. Planning ahead ensures that once you arrive at your destination, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride.

Make the Most of Your Rental Car

When travelling, it’s all about the memories made along the way and the exciting feeling of being on holiday, and a hire car provides a stress–free travel experience so you can journey at your own pace. At Ace, we have a range of vehicles available so you can enjoy your travels and journey with confidence. When travelling with a rental car, it’s important to choose the right vehicle for you. Consider the type of trip you’re taking, for example, if you’ll be driving through bumpy roads and the country, an SUV or 4WD may be more appropriate than a compact car, but if you’re driving along city streets, a smaller car would be more suitable. At Ace, we offer a range of vehicles to suit your journey. Take a look at our cars to decide which will suit you best. Book your hire car and airport shuttle in advance for a seamless experience, and ensure that you have a valid driver’s licence before picking up your Ace rental vehicle. Ready to book your car? Head to our website, set your pick-up location and browse our range of hire vehicles.

Pack Smart

When it comes to preparing for a holiday, packing can be a hard task. Consider using packing cubes or organisers to keep things tidy, especially if you’re travelling for an extended amount of time. This will make it easy to keep your belongings organised if you’re going to be unpacking and repacking your suitcase throughout your journey. Remember to pack as light as you can - it’s never fun having to carry around a heavy suitcase, especially when travelling solo. Pack only what you need and leave some room for souvenirs to bring home. Make a list before you pack and tick off every item as you go. Keep this list with you throughout your holiday to keep track of your belongings - this will come in handy when travelling from one destination to another. If your trip involves changing accommodation multiple times, consider only taking out what you’ll need for the day and keeping as much as you can in your suitcase for a quick and easy pack up when it’s time to leave.

Stay Connected

When travelling to a new place, especially solo, it’s important to stay connected to those back home. Let friends and family know where you’re headed and fill them in on your itinerary, in case of an emergency. Keep your contacts updated throughout your trip and let them know if you’ll be out of range. If you bump into other travellers or tourists while on holiday, connect with them to swap travel tips and tricks and share recommendations. Not only will you have someone to reach out to locally, but you may even make lifelong friendships. When staying somewhere new, asking locals for tips and tricks can also be helpful. Those working at local restaurants and lodgings can let you know of the top attractions and best places to visit in the area, as well as provide insight into hidden gems and lesser-known places for a one-of-a-kind experience. When visiting a foreign country, prepare by learning some of the local language and lingo before your arrival. Many locals will appreciate the effort and it can be helpful when getting around.

Taking the above into consideration before embarking on your road trip ensures a stress-free travel experience, so you can focus on enjoying your holiday.

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