Why should you choose a NZ rental car over a tour bus?

When you decide to take an exciting holiday to a country such as New Zealand, you’ll likely want to explore more than one region. That’s because there is, quite simply, more awesome stuff to do here than you could ever pack into a single escape! However, if you are planning on hitting the roads on your next Aotearoa adventure, you’ll be faced with a pretty big question: Should you book a rental car or tour bus?

With 10 locations conveniently situated in some of our country’s top tourism hubs, you can imagine that here at Ace Rental Cars, we’re a pretty big fan of the former. Here are two reasons why we think you’ll agree with us.

1. Freedom to go where you please

New Zealand covers over 267,000 square kilometres of gorgeous land, has 11,000 kilometres-worth of well-maintained State Highways, and is blessed with numerous major cities and regional towns on both islands. As such, we love the idea that our customers are free to go where they please, try what they want and can do so all at their own pace – this is just one reason we offer unlimited-kilometre car rental.

However, tour buses need to plan their routes. There are many mouths to feed, so certain restaurants need to be chosen, and as attractions are booked well ahead of schedule, you can’t dawdle too much in the previous ones or stop at random lookouts along the way.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this type of holiday, and indeed it can mean you see a lot in a short time frame. But if you want freedom, a rental car will prove much more flexible.

2. Choose who you want to holiday with

Many bus tour operators pride themselves on offering holidaygoers a chance to experience a new country with a group of ‘like-minded individuals’, often in the same age group as each other. Though we can’t deny that this is certainly a worthwhile experience if you love making new travel buddies, it may not be suitable for anyone interested in simply pottering about at their own pace with family and close friends.

There are many sizes of rental car available at Ace, from petite hatchbacks to 12-seater minivans, so you can bring the exact group of people you’d love to see NZ with. Plus, you can still make new friends even if you aren’t in a group, simply by talking to the locals or with fellow travellers at bars, nightclubs and the attractions themselves.

Now that sounds like a great holiday to us.