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Are you a Photographer or blogger?

We are always keen to work and collaborate with photographers and bloggers, so get in touch and we can arrange a FREE rental car for you. 

We are always looking for content of all kinds to be used on our website, blogs and social media platforms. We welcome new ideas and unique ways of photography that highlight the customer experience when renting a car so let us know about your unique and imaginative ideas. 

Get in touch today and let us know the trip you have planned and some of the destinations you will be travelling to or through, and we will work with you to make make the trip even more exciting and fun. 




Are you a Photographer or blogger?


3+ years Toyota Rav4 or Similar

Room for your complete summer survival kit: the beach cricket set, the kids’ boogie boards, the chilly bin—the lot. Plenty of storage for sunnies and water bottles. Just don’t leave the Pineapple Lumps in the glove compartment. Classic rookie summer mistake.
  • x5 Passengers x5 Passengers
  • Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Automatic
  • 2 Large, 2 Small 2 Large, 2 Small

Rent The Experience

A rental car’s a rental car. A moving metallic shell capable of travelling at relatively high speeds from one point to another, safely harbouring people and said people’s material goods en route. It’s a means of getting from A to B, a functional requirement, a literal vehicle to something much bigger. An experience.

An experience is something that helps to define us, that inspires us, that makes us more alive, more human. It’s a breath of mountain fresh air. The feel of a wind on our face. The filtered orange glow of a breaking dawn. The pulse-racing rush of adrenaline, the quivering anticipation of a journey unknown.

An experience is something that validates our sense of who we are. It becomes weaved into the fabric of our existence. It can be brought to mind on a whim to help us escape to a better time. It lives on in us. Forever. 

Ace Rentals Cars. Rent the experience.

Rent The Experience